The surrounding area

VĂ­a de la Plata (the Silver Way)

Millennial and enigmatic, the Via de la Plata, or Silver Way provides visitors an insight into the landscape and the people. As we make our way along the way, we feel peace and serenity and the pulse is in harmony with the beating of the tranquil and abundant wildlife.

Art and wildlife walking tours

If you like long walks and the country air, the so-called art walks are a very appealing option. These are circular routes in the heart of the Sierra de Francia national park:


In the southern part of the province of Salamanca, in the Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia wildlife park, along a route that links the villages of Mogarraz and Monforte is the so-called “Camino del Agua” or Water Way. Water has been a feature of the area since time immemorial, the path was created over the course of time.

Hacienda Zorita

This former Dominican convent, where Christopher Columbus took refuge before heading off to conquer the New World is now a 5 star Wine Country Resort & Spa with 30 rooms located on the banks of the Tormes River, surrounded by spectacular gardens and vineyards with areas dedicated to different aspects of wine tourism, Wellness and Spa, gardens for walking as well as fine dining. A place with centuries of history behind it, and with a dazzling array of historical monuments, an ideal location to come and relax.